Our Staff

staff-bannerThe Staff of the Uptown Music Collective is committed to providing the highest quality musical education possible. An education filled with high impact performance opportunities, regular positive interaction with musical peers, and the “real world” technical training that will allow our students to function in the modern world of music, whether they plan on a career in it, or simply love music,and want to experience it up close and personally.

To make this happen requires vision, teamwork and passion.

The Uptown Music Collective is a fast paced organization that is constantly in motion. As a staff member in this musical whirlwind, it is important that we be adept at running multiple projects, stay flexible in our thinking, and exacting in all details. Our strongest point as a group is our teamwork, a teamwork built over many years of working together.

Some of that teamwork and attention to detail is also a result of the fact that all of the members of staff, with the exception of Dave Brumbaugh (the founder), are former UMC students – Willi Ort (2002), Jared Mondell (2002), and Brendan Mondell (2006). Having the experience of once having been a student, gives each member of staff a deeper understanding of what our programs mean to our students, and a different perspective on the work we do.

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The UMC staff includes:

Dave Brumbaugh – Executive Director, Performance Program Director >

Willi Ort – Technical Director,Tech Monkey Program Director >

Jared Mondell – Assistant Director and Marketing Director, iOn Uptown Program Director >

Brendan Mondell – Admissions and Enrollment Director >