Our Teachers


“When done right, teaching should require expertise, passion, a deep caring for the student, and a deep love and respect for music.” – Dave Brumbaugh

All of us teachers at the Uptown Music Collective are passionate about sharing our love of music with our students. We are experienced in the art of engaging, guiding, inspiring, and setting free, the inner music of students of all ages. Getting as much out of watching our students perform and succeed, as we do out of performing music ourselves.

“Each of us begins with the idea that everyone has music in them waiting to come out. We are dedicated to doing the work and demonstrating the patience that is required to bring our students music out.”

We succeed by following a thorough, well thought out curriculum. Each of us striving to guide our students along the path of learning, while adjusting our method and tayloring our teaching style to the students needs. All the while holding all students to the highest standards. This is our formula for teaching success.

Our teachers are the epicenter of everything we do, and the secret behind all of our past, current and future success.

Meet Our Teachers by clicking the links below.

Kimberly Adair – Vocals, Keyboards >

Tim Breon – Bass >

Dave Brumbaugh – Guitar, General Music, Music Theory, Songwriting >

Katie Glunk – Vocals, Beginner Keyboards >

Willi Ort – Guitar, Tech >

Jesse Roedts – Drums, Percussion >

Mallory Scoppa – Vocals, Songwriting >

Gabe Stillman – Guitar, Music Theory >

Adam Westover – Drums, Percussion >

All teachers have required Pennsylvania State Clearances