Alice Hileman Memorial Scholarship

The Alice Hileman Memorial Scholarship was established in 2009 and is granted each year to a local music student demonstrating a love of music, a desire to learn, and appropriate financial need. It is a part of the Uptown Music Collective’s developing scholarship program aimed at providing quality music education to those who cannot afford Full Enrollment. Full Enrollment includes weekly lessons, classes, and workshops.

The Uptown Music Collective is currently seeking applications for the Alice Heilman Full Enrollment Memorial Scholarship. Prospective students interested in the scholarship must be between the ages of 13 and 18, must demonstrate a love of music and a string desire to learn, and must be able to demonstrate financial need. Scholarship applications can be obtained by contacting the Uptown Music Collective at 570-329-088 or at and must be submitted by mid-July.


Alice Hileman Scholarship Application PDF 

Scholarship Criteria

Applicant must:

  • be between 13 and 18 years of age
  • demonstrate a love of music
  • show evidence of a strong desire to learn
  • wish to study the guitar, bass, keyboards, drums or voice
  • intend to enroll as a Full Enrollment Student
  • be able to demonstrate financial need

Consideration will be given to those who currently participate in a music program or have studied previously (with a teacher or self-taught).

Applicants are not required to currently be enrolled at the Uptown Music Collective.

Application Requirements:

  • Complete a Scholarship Application Form
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Include a signed letter from parents, guardian or the applicant if not a dependent, explaining need.
  • Also include one of the following:
    • Parent’s federal tax return from last year (if applicant is a dependent student, if not, applicant’s federal tax return from last year) and 1 month of most recent pay stubs.

Application Review

  • All Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Final candidates will be interviewed and may be asked to audition on their principle instrument.
  • The final decision will be made and all candidates will be informed.