Dave Brumbaugh – Executive Director and Guitar/Music Theory Instructor and Program Director

Uptown Music Collective Lessons (1)Hi, I’m Dave. I’m the Uptown Music Collective’s founder and Executive Director. Aside from running the business, I teach private guitar lessons and many of the workshops and classes that we offer. I also direct the schools Performance Program, and produce all of our Major Performances.

As the Executive Director it’s my job to oversee all of the schools operations. In our business dealings, just like in our music education, we strive as an organization for excellence. We work hard to keep our staff and expenses lean, while focusing our attention on supporting our high impact programs.

As a teacher I work mostly with intermediate and advanced guitar students, although I do like to work with beginners and sUptown_Music_Collective_Dave_Brumbaugh4tudents of other instruments when I have the time. I’m also the guy that wrote a lot of the curriculum that we follow and teach a lot of the higher level classes and workshops.

As a student, I graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 1984, and have studied music and the guitar for over 38 years. For the last 25 years I have also taught extensively and have helped produce a great deal of highly skilled professional and amateur musicians.Uptown_Music_Collective_Dave_Brumbaugh2

In my lessons, classes and workshops, my goals are always the same. I want my students to become musicians, not just guitar players, drummers, vocalists, etc. To accomplish this they must:

  • Develop great “ears”, because music is sound
  • Develop great technique because great technique leads to a great sound.
  • Learn to demonstrate “musicality” in all situations, which simply put, means playing appropriately in all musical situations.
  • Develop a real practical understanding of music’s theoretical concepts so that they can express their musical thoughts on paper and in words, so that they can communicate and understand the thoughts of others.
  • Learn to use theory and all of the other skills to amass a large amount Uptown_Music_Collective (26)of music materials (patterns,
    scales, chords, arpeggios, etc.) so that they have the means to express themselves in any and all situations.

I love to teach music and have been blessed with an incredible amount of great students over the past 25 years. They will tell you
that being a student of mine requires discipline, commitment and hard work. All of which is hopefully worth it in the end.


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“Lessons with Dave are an incredibly rewarding all-around experience. You don’t just gain a greater appreciation for music, you gain a greater appreciation for the work, thought, and feeling that comes with going through the process of learning to be a musician. Dave will push you to be as good as you can be, but it will take time, and it won’t necessarily be easy. The thing that really stands out to me though, as his student, I had never seen him turn anyone who was actually willing to learn away when they needed help, even if he was busy and even if it meant he would have to stay later than he’d probably like to. So yes, the lessons are kind of tough, and yes you might have to spend more time than you’re used to practicing something if it’s difficultlt,Uptown_Music_Collective_Dave_Brumbaugh1 but you will come out a more complete musician, and a more complete person, having made a very good friend along the way.” – Danny Smith (2014)

“When I recall my guitar lessons and other musical learning experiences with Dave Brumbaugh, I remember some of the most fulfilling and engaging educational experiences of m
y life. One of the most valuable things that I learned from Dave is that to become the best at something – to truly become a master – you must put in hours and hours of work preparing and fine tuning the little details. Every lesson kept me on my toes because I was expected to have taken time practicing, internalizing, and applying the guitar skills that Dave assigned to me each week. It was always obvious when I did not, and Dave was never afraid to let me know that I was not reaching my fullest potential. He kept me focused, he kept me grounded, and always wanting to reach higher and play better. Without question these virtues extended beyond the realm of music. I can attribute much of my successes today in college and in a professional environment (as well as my successes in high school at the time) to the rigor of the Collective’s curriculum. Dave is a special person who truly brings out the best in his students. Sometimes that meant we needed a little tough love, and sometimes that meant that we needed to be praised to let us know when we did a good job. He is a wonderful mentor who has an incredible knowledge of music and the guitar as well as an amazing philosophy on instruction. I’m blessed to have him as a mentor and friend in my life and if you or your son or daughter are looking to learn anything and everything about music – look no further than Mr. Dave Brumbaugh and the staff at the Uptown Music Collective. Great things are happening there all the time and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for them in the coming years!” –
Dylan Rockoff (2013)