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iOnLogoAlright, I’ll admit it. I was watching iCarly with my then 8-year-old daughter.  While watching this particular web show, I thought to myself, we could do something like that… The next time I had the opportunity to write a grant, I wrote it for hi-def cameras, lighting, a green screen and video editing software, in 2009 iOn Uptown was born. iOn Uptown is a bi-weekly YouTube music news show all about the Uptown Music Collective. Produced, Written, Filmed and in part, edited by the students themselves. All students are welcome to participate. This program, run by Jared Mondell, is fun, interactive, and educational.

You might wonder, how does this fit in with music…?

Pretty much since the early days of rock and roll, music videos have played an important role in connecting artists to their audience. From the early Elvis and Beatles movies and television appearances, through  MTV or VH1 Era (when they actually had anything to do with music), through today’s internet driven world, with its millions of music videos; the connection of moving pictures and music has been a key element in many artist’s success.

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Today, being video and internet savvy is a must for any artist interested in successfully sharing their music with others.

iOn Uptown will teach all of the ins and outs of making videos. From lighting to camera work, and from editing to performing in front of the camera. Most importantly it does it in a fun way that gives you the opportunity to get to know a lot of other cool kids like yourself and create an exciting and informative show that not only teaches you about video production but also informs the public about what we do at the Uptown Music Collective.

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