Major Performance Program

fleetwood1The most visible Uptown Music Collective program is its Major Performance Program. Since 2004 students from the Uptown Music Collective have presented as many as 5 amazing performances per year at a variety of venues, including the Community Arts Center and the theater at the Community Theater League.

UMC Major Performances 2004 to Present PDF

These performances are student driven, with high production value, and based on a wide ranging group of musical themes. The students themselves have a lot of say in what genres and bands are included in their performances, as well as how the shows are designed.

The student  spg1-meetinggroups that create, plan, organize, learn the music, rehearse and carry out these professional level performances are called the Special Performance Groups (SPG).


Participation in these groups is by audition only. 

Special Performance Group Audition Requirements PDF

Brief History

In 2003 UMC founder Dave Brumbaugh called in 15 of his finest students and gave them the task of creating a performance based on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. It was a challenge to his best students  to do something beyond recitals, something extraordinary. Those students took the ball and ran with it. They created a story line, put together theatrical ideas, learned the music, and brought the house down both nights of that first Major Performance.

Today the program that developed from that early challenge, continues to challenge and reward the most dedicated and hardworking of today’s UMC students. It has become a focal point for many who enter the school’s educational programs. Giving their lessons, classes, and workshops more focus, and the long hours of practice required to master a musical instrument, more meaning.

Some of the greatest hits of the UMC Major Performance Program: