Uptown_Music_Collective_STOMP 10_22_15 (9)There’s nothing like seeing a kid’s eyes light up when they pluck the strings of a guitar, play a chord on the piano, bang a drum, or sing for the first time… The only thing possibly more powerful than being that kid lighting up, is being one of the people who helped make it happen. That’s what STOMP is all about.

The Student/Teacher Outreach and Mentoring Program brings students and teachers from the Uptown Music Collective together with volunteers from the community, to provide music education and enrichment programs to local after school and youth development programs.Uptown_Music_Collective_STOMP 10_22_15 (10)

This program gives students at the Uptown Music Collective the opportunity to use their
knowledge and talents to change the lives of young people. Peer to peer tutoring is a very powerful tool; it sets an example for the student, saying in essence, “if he can do this and he’s my age – so can I”. At the same time the student doing the tutoring is receiving confirmation of his abilities; an improved understanding of the material he is teaching gained through the process of teaching it; and the satisfaction of sharing his knowledge and giving back to his community.

All peer tutoring is overseen by Uptown Music Collective Director Dave Brumbaugh, volunteer teachers and local musicians. To participate, students need to be approved by their private lesson teacher and the program director. All student tutors are given special training and follow the same UMC Curriculum used in instrumental and group teaching at the school.

To get involved email Dave at