The Tech Monkey Program


All of the on stage success of the Uptown Music Collective is only possible because of the organization that goes on backstage during the performance. A key element of that backstage organization is a group of kids in black known as the Tech Monkeys.

DuUptown_Music_Collective (23)ring a show you will glimpse them briefly as they spring on to the stage during a song, to clear a guitar player’s cable; or in between songs as they adjust microphones for singers; and help with the changeover of the guitar and bass players.

The Tech Monkey Program is an entry level program that allows new students, who are just beginning their musical journey, the opportunity to be a part of the Collective’s exciting performances.

Participants in the program take part in a weekly Tech Monkey Workshop where they learn from scratch how to setup, operate, troubleshoot and tear down performance equipment. They also learn how to support performers on stage by helping them plug into their amplifiers, adjust microphone stands and change instruments.

After training, participants become part of the Tech Monkey team that takes part back stage in all UMC Major Performances, Student Showcases, and many Community Performances.Uptown_Music_Collective_TechMonkey

The Tech Monkey Program is a lot of fun, a great place to meet other Uptown students and to begin to start to feel a part of the program. Also participation in this program is required for students interested in auditioning for both the Community Performance Program and the Major Performance Program.