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“For the teachers and the staff of the Uptown Music Collective, performance is the ultimate test of our ability as a school to teach you how to play music. Like so many things, it’s all talk and no substance, until you walk out on that stage and sing that song, strike those strings, hit those keys, or bang on those drums, and succeed at it.”

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There is something about playing your music in front of a crowd. It’s like a roller-coaster ride. Scary at the beginning, exhilarating in the middle, and far too short at the end. Leaving you wanting to get in line to do it again…

The Uptown Uptown_Music_Collective_Hunger_Strike (237)Music Collective is committed to providing high impact performance opportunities for all of its students. For the beginning and early intermediate students, there is the Student Showcase Program, which gives every student who has learned enough to perform a complete song, the opportunity to perform on stage solo, or with group of students and teachers, at the end of each semester. 

From there the Performance Program is an evolutionary process. As the student improves their skills and understanding of music, there are new and more challenging performance opportunities that they can take part in.

The Community Performance Program puts students of all instruments together in groups to perform for the general public at private and public events. The Uptown Music Collective performed at over 50 such events in 2015 – 2016 Performance Season.

The highest level groups are the Special Performance Groups. The students in those groups are the top players on each instrument, and they present the schools popular and highly regarded Major Performance Program Events at large scale venues like the Community Arts Center.