Private Lessons

Uptown_Music_Collective (1)This is where the magic begins, the connection is made, and secrets are revealed. Uptown Music Collective lessons are special for many reasons. Bottom line, the UMC Private teacher is the guide that leads each student through the program, helping each student find the musical path best suited for their skills.

All lessons at the Uptown Music Collective are taught by experienced musicians with a passion for teaching. Each teacher follows a proven curriculum that is based on modern music, but that remains firmly grounded in traditional concepts.

In Uptown Music Collective lessons you will be taught proper technique, posture, tone production, rhythmic theory, musical materials (such as scales, chords and arpeggios), general  music theory and how to read music notation. Best of all, everything learned in your lessons, will be applied directly to the music that you love.

As you progress through these lessons, you will begin to develop a new sense of confidence in your ability to understand, and to perform music.  Confidence is what Uptown Music Collective students are known for throughout the area, developing that confidence is what Uptown Music Collective lessons are all about.

The Uptown Music Collective offers lessons on: