Uptown Music Collective_Workshop_Dave

I was lucky enough to learn to play music sitting next to my friends as each of  us struggled to make sounds that resembled what we heard on our favorite recordings. Through the process we encouraged each other, competed with each other, made fun of each other, and ultimately learned to play music together.

Part of the reason I started the Uptown Music Collective was to offer that same experience to you through the schools workshops.

Our workshops:

  1. Allow you the opportunity to learn skills and musical styles together with their friends on the same or other instruments.
  2. Put the fun back into learning by making it a group activity.
  3. Give you more of a reason to practice.
  4. Gives you and the other students involved, the experience and understanding of how to play music with others.

Like our classes, our workshops run for 16 weeks and start in September, January and May. The workshops are graded and your playing ability will determine which workshops you are eligible to take.