Cast Your Vote

for the Uptown Music Collective’s 2020-2021 Performance Season 

With the upcoming 2020-2021 Performance Season, the Uptown Music Collective will continue celebrating 20+ years of serving the community. We are currently planning our shows for this landmark year, and we really want to hear from YOU, our friends, fans, and supporters about what YOU would like to see us perform in the upcoming year.

We will be holding two rounds of public voting in the coming weeks, so to make sure your voice is heard, take part in the first voting round detailed below. 

Round 1 – June 25th until July 9th –


 During this first round, you can vote in anything you would like to see performed. A specific band tribute, artist or artists tribute, genre tribute, a reprise of what we have done in the past. This first round is wide open! Send us your idea in the form below. 

Remember, in April of 2021 we will be holding the rescheduled “20th Anniversary Celebration Concert” at the Community Arts Center which will feature music from Pink Floyd, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, & Led Zeppelin…so no need to suggest those 4 bands!

Note: Please do not vote multiple times for your same idea. We are looking for honest input and perspective. Multiple voting for the same idea will skew results and hurt our decision-making process in the long run.