Just another Saturday at the Uptown Music Collective….
This time of year there’s always a lot going on at the Uptown Music Collective as Special Performance Group 1 activities collide with lessons, classes, and workshops, Community Performance Group rehearsals, iOn Uptown activities, etc. Here’s a photoblog of this particular Saturday’s collisions.

9:45 The Community Performance Group Mini Motown were waiting outside the doors for their 10am rehearsal because “on time is late”. We discussed their gig last Thursday and then prepared for a gig coming up next week.

10:00 Students from iOn Uptown showed up to do a video/audio recording in the outer lobby of the school featuring Ashlyn Bird on keyboard and vocals.e preparations.

10:15 I left the Mini Motown rehearsal and went down the hall to the studio to finish mixing one of Mini Motown’s demo for the song Nowhere to Run.

10:45 As I listened I realized that I was missing a staple of the Motown Sound and I went searching for a student who wasn’t doing anything to lay it down and found Dom Freden hanging out in the lounge. So he laid down the tambourine track and completed the song for me.

11:00 Then Andrew finishes his iOn Uptown Project in the outer lobby in time to take his bass lesson with me where we worked on exercises, his challenging Tom Hamilton  (Aerosmith’s bass player) bass lines and a solo.

12:00 iOn Uptown Meeting (Not pictured) Fifteen kids meeting with Jared to discuss iOn Uptown video projects.

12:30 After a lunch break I took on these three for their hour and a half  group lesson. One of my favorite lessons of the week. We worked on scales, arpeggios, finished a classical piece, and went over the finger picking intro to Crazy on You.

2:00 Special Performance Group 1 members started showing up for our 3pm rehearsal.

Recent Alumni Alexis Carnevale came for a visit and stayed to observe rehearsal and to help crack the musical whip.

There was some pre-rehearsal carb loading.

3pm SPG1 Sectional Warm Ups and the group meeting. Then the madness of a five hour full rehearsal. Enjoy the images below and check back tomorrow for a report on the second day of full rehearsals.

That’s right, an accordion…  Aerosmith = Accordion