I dislike weeknight rehearsals. The energy that I crave from UMC students is usually not there after a long day of school. Particularly when the rehearsal is book-ended with video recording sessions in front and in back. However we are at that time in the rehearsal process when repetitions of the songs and the performance concepts are really key. So in spite of my feeling our schedule forced us into it, and so we trudged through a mid week rehearsal.

As we now sit at two weeks out things are going to start moving at an elevated pace. One of the most important points of focus right now, aside from doing the things necessary to get butts in the seats for the two nights of the show… (do you have your tickets yet??), is to get enough reps of the show under belts of the performers.

Reps ingrain a habit of success. Each successful repetition makes the next one easier. All adding up to the first show when the adrenaline is kicking in and the new students are facing the crowd for the first time, and their hands begin to shake and they start doubting their memory and instincts, their hands or voices will rise up out of habit, thanks to the countless hours of repetition, and allow them to still complete the motion correctly. And with each successful correct motion they will find themselves performing all of their music correctly as if they were born to it. At least that’s my devious plan.

Already the repetition has born fruit. What sounded good a week ago, is now getting to very good, with awesome just around the corner. The performances physically were definitely lack luster Wednesday night. /The Movement and intensity weren’t up to par… However, I’m sure this Sundays first Dress Rehearsal, and all that comes with it will bring more energy, especially with the show coming up quickly.

Seriously, If you haven’t yet, buy your tickets today. This show is going to be one to remember. – https://www.caclive.com/event/umc_aerosmith/