Every other month throughout the year a group of twelve people with varying affiliations to the Uptown Music Collective, meet to discuss the finances, business climate, strategic goals, fundraising needs, and other important issues of our nonprofit music school.

As the guardians of the Uptown Music Collective’s mission, they measure everything against the school’s mission and strives to keep the organization true to its ideals and on a continuous path towards growth, and sustainability.

Our Board of Directors, like the rest of our organization, is made up of a great group of professionals, from many fields of endeavor, who are passionate about what we do. They generously volunteer their time and expertise to make sure that our organization can continue to do what it does today and forward into the future.

Meet Our Board of Directors:

Beth Schluter


UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

I love Music and support organizations that promote the love of music.  I am also motivated by the high level of instruction and musical opportunities provided to all levels of students.  The quality of the performances also impress me. 

Hunter Wentzler


UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

The positive influence on young people, and the dedication to excellence. 

Crissy McGinness


UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

Seeing the students growth from when they first entered the program. Their confidence increases as they transition into leaders.

Karen Avery


UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

I am compelled by the student centered focus of the UMC philosophy as well as the well rounded experienced offered to students. 

Bonnie Tallman

UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

I am motivated by the UMC and its work first, because it is “needed”.  I believe in music – and the power of music, as an art form, as therapy, as a unifier.  I am always drawn to a person, a leader, or a group of people who are focused on a mission and do not lose site of it regardless of the challenges.  I have seen this for years at the UMC.  

I am also drawn to an organization who carries their work through to execution.  A lot of organizations love to talk about what they want to do, how to do it, when to do it — but just never “do it”.  The key staff members at the UMC are “doers”.  I am also drawn to a solid work ethic, with an eye for quality and hi-standards.  I marvel at the positive impact the UMC has made on so many “individuals” as well as the community it serves.

I can say I am extremely proud of my association with the UMC.

Dave Whitnak

UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

Providing quality music education combined positive, once in a life time, experiences to the youth in our area. 

Jason Hurwitz

UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

Throughout middle and high school, the only career I could envision for myself was being a music teacher.  I earned an undergrad degree in music education.  As a professional touring musician, a major part of our work was going into schools to work with students at all age and ability levels.

So, even though my career path has turned in a different direction, music education remains a core passion of mine. 

Meg Finn

UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

I am most inspired by the overall growth the students undergo-personal development beyond the musical training. 

Craig Fought

UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

The music that the students put out is what originally brought me to the UMC.  I would go to a show and just be blown away at what these children were doing.  After further research I found that the organization that brought them together was not only teaching the children to just play an instrument but instilling a passion for music.  Keeping them out of trouble while teaching them life lessons through a common interest.  It is inspiring to see young kids being so passionate and truly happy and excited about learning more. 

After walking in to the UMC about a year and a half ago and seeing/hearing students excited to be there I knew it was something I wanted to help grow. 

Mark Thompson

UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

The “safe and open environment” for kids of all types of backgrounds that allows for learning, community, relationships, and opportunity. 

Jodi Batman

UMC's Mission & Work Motivates Me because...

As the “non-musical” parent of a musical child, I am motivated by the UMC’s mission of bringing a higher level of music education to children in a safe and disciplined environment.  I am happy to see that the children are encouraged to improve individually, work together, support each other and at the same time are learning to be leaders within their “community of musicians”.  I finds the wide genres of music beneficial to the students and the community as a whole. 

In memorial Celebrating UMC Board of Directors Member and Friend Meg Finn

Meg Finn, who passed away suddenly in November, was a
passionate and tireless supporter of the arts, an inspiring and devoted friend, and a truly loving and giving spirit. She was a powerful advocate for the Uptown Music Collective, both in her private life, and later as a member of the UMC Board of Directors. Meg’s love of our work inspired the staff, who she worked so hard to support, endeared her to the students, and to everyone else who knew her within the organization. She was brilliant, vibrant, and endlessly giving. She will be greatly missed… May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back,

and may you find peace. We Love You Meg.
– – The Uptown Music Collective Family