Every other month throughout the year a group of twelve people with varying affiliations to the Uptown Music Collective, meet to discuss the finances, business climate, strategic goals, fundraising needs, and other important issues of our nonprofit music school.

As the guardians of the Uptown Music Collective’s mission, they measure everything against the school’s mission and strives to keep the organization true to its ideals and on a continuous path towards growth, and sustainability.

Our Board of Directors, like the rest of our organization, is made up of a great group of professionals, from many fields of endeavor, who are passionate about what we do. They generously volunteer their time and expertise to make sure that our organization can continue to do what it does today and forward into the future.


Meet Our Board of Directors:

Beth Schluter


Hunter Wentzler


Crissy McGinness


Karen Avery


Bonnie Tallman

Dave Whitnak

Jason Hurwitz

Meg Finn

Craig Fought

Mark Thompson

Jodi Batman