Our Staff

The Staff of the Uptown Music Collective is committed to providing the highest quality musical education possible. An education filled with high impact performance opportunities, regular positive interaction with musical peers, and the “real world” technical training that will allow our students to function in the modern world of music, whether they plan on a career in it, or simply love music,and want to experience it up close and personally.

The members of the staff, with the exception of Dave Brumbaugh (the founder), are former UMC students.

Having the experience of once having been a student, gives each member of staff a deeper understanding of what our programs mean to our students, and a different perspective on the work we do.

Dave Brumbaugh





Dave Brumbaugh...

Hi, I’m Dave. I’m the Uptown Music Collective’s founder and Executive Director. Aside from running the business, I teach private guitar lessons and many of the workshops and classes that we offer. I also direct the school’s Performance Program, and produce all of our Major Performances.

As the Executive Director, it’s my job to oversee all of the school’s operations. In our business dealings, just like in our music education, we strive as an organization for excellence. We work hard to keep our staff and expenses lean, while focusing our attention on supporting our high impact programs.

As a teacher, I work mostly with intermediate and advanced guitar students, although I do like to work with beginners and students of other instruments when I have the time. I’m also the guy that wrote a lot of the curriculum that we follow, as well as teach a lot of the higher level classes and workshops.

As a student, I graduated from the Berklee College of Music in 1984, and have studied music and the guitar for over 38 years. For the last 25 years I have also taught extensively and have helped produce a great deal of highly skilled professional and amateur musicians.

In my lessons, classes and workshops, my goals are always the same: I want my students to become musicians, not just guitar players, drummers, vocalists, etc. To accomplish this they must:
Develop great “ears”, because music is sound.
Develop great technique because great technique leads to a great sound.

Learn to demonstrate “musicality” in all situations, which simply put, means playing appropriately in all musical situations.

Develop a real practical understanding of music’s theoretical concepts so students can express their musical thoughts on paper and in words; and so they can communicate and understand the thoughts of others.

Learn to use theory and all of the other skills to amass a large amount of music materials (patterns,
scales, chords, arpeggios, etc.) so they have the means to express themselves in any and all situations.
I love to teach music and have been blessed with an incredible amount of great students over the past 25 years.

They will tell you that being a student of mine requires discipline, commitment and hard work. All of which is hopefully worth it in the end.

Jared Mondell





Jared Mondell...

Colin Beatty and I had a desire to learn music theory and the classes were not offered at our high school. Fortunately, Dave offered music theory at the Uptown Music Collective. Through taking theory classes with Dave, I learned what the Collective was all about and decided I wanted to be a part of it. Meeting Dave was the equivalent of Luke meeting Obi-Won; a mentor was found.

Since then I have participated in nearly every show and recital the Collective has put on and in 2006 was given the opportunity to direct the show The Wall. I graduated from Lock Haven University in the spring of 2007 with a BA in Communications Media. After graduation, I was offered a position at the Collective to help out with the day-to-day running of the school.

Currently I am the front man for local band, 44MAG.

Willi Ort





Willi Ort...

I was inspired to play guitar at a young age after watching my dad play a smoking rendition of Malaguena. My desire to play guitar was only intensified by listening to my sister’s Led Zeppelin records and my Dad’s CCR tapes. By the age of twelve, I had my first guitar and had begun taking lessons.

After graduating from high school, I enrolled at Bloomsburg University where I earned a degree in music with a concentration in A/V recording. While in college, I studied blues, jazz, and theory at the Collective.

I currently play in multiple bands and continue to sharpen my skills in the pursuit of musical excellence. I’m excited to be teaching at the Collective and am looking forward to helping young fledgling musicians on their way to rock stardom.

Brendan Mondell





Brendan Mondell...

My earliest memories of music begin with my mother’s record player on Saturday mornings, playing the music of Motown, the Beatles, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. I found a passion for music at a very young age that has stuck with me throughout my entire life. My passion grew to the point where listening was not enough anymore and at the age of 13, I received my first bass guitar.

I took lessons from a friend for a year before enrolling at the Uptown Music Collective in April of 2003. The Collective gave me the chance to explore music through more than just listening but through education, countless performance opportunities and collaboration with peers. My generation of UMC student’s was one of the first “classes” at the Collective. A group of 8-10 students of the same age, on varying instruments who played together, learned together and performed together in some of the very first UMC major performances, which today is now known as the Major Performance Program.

Graduating Williamsport Area High School in 2006, I attended Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania from 2006-2011 attaining a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Management and Entrepreneurship. Throughout my time in college I played in several musical projects and continued to play in UMC fundraising performances with students and teachers.

Shortly after my College graduation, I was given the opportunity to join the UMC administrative staff. I currently hold the position of Admissions and Enrollment Director and Assistant Financial Manager.

Katie Williard



Kate Williard...
I grew up with music surrounding me. From “car tunes” during evening rides in my dad’s appropriately-named pick-up truck, “Betty Lou” to learning the best songs of the 30’s and 40’s from my grandfather’s raspy acapella, I always wanted to be singing. I carried my love of music to undergrad where I had the pleasure of learning from Dr. Fred Thayer at Lycoming College, taking part in his tour and chamber groups, and traveling through Europe and South America to perform with his choir. Music always served as my grounding space, instilling in me discipline, self-examination, and humility. 
After graduating with a degree in fine art, I found an outlet for my creative drive in various marketing roles. Eventually, my experience carried me to the founding and management of a company-affiliated non-profit, and I quickly realized my passion for development. I’ve seen the impact I’m able to make when I work in partnership with others, and it has inspired me to continue to strive to do more than just my part.
My goal is to build genuine relationships with individuals who believe in the same mission and goals that I do. Joining the staff at the Collective makes me feel like I’m coming full circle — connecting back to music and working to push others forward.

Bre Eisenhardt



Bre Eisenhardt...