Our Students

Our strongest and most important feature as a school is the powerful student community, or peer group if you will, that has grown up around and in our various educational and performance programs.

Students who live an hour apart, who would probably never have met, become best friends through the power of a shared love of music. Students who might not feel like they “fit in” in other areas of their life, find a home in the halls, practice rooms and activities of the Uptown Music Collective.

Encouraged by our teachers, thrust together through group activities, such as our 3 yearly student recitals, tech monkey program, and performance program, etc. Students work side by side, learning skills, developing teamwork, and frequently forming life-long friendships.


Student of the Month

Student of The Month Will Be Featured Here!

Starting in May 2018, we will start featuring the students of the month. The student of the month will be selected from the following criteria:

  • How well the student is doing in Lessons, Classes, and/or Workshops.
  • If the Student is involved in more activities at the Collective, such as Showcases, Community Performance Groups, or Special Performance Groups.
  • If the Student is involved in volunteer work, Leadership Roles, Being Creative, and/or showcasing their talents and special skills.
  • Teachers will choose their student of the month based on the above criteria by every 15th of the month. The students chosen by their teachers along with their listed criteria will be evaluated by staff. Staff will then vote on which Student should be ‘Student of the Month’.