Cast Your Vote

for the Uptown Music Collective’s 2021-2022 Performance Season 

Cast Your Vote - Round 2


The Uptown Music Collective is currently planning performances for the upcoming 2021-2022 performance season, and we really want to hear from YOU, our friends, fans, and supporters about what YOU would like to see us perform in the upcoming year!

We will be holding two rounds of public voting in the coming weeks, so to make sure your voice is heard by taking part in the first voting round detailed below.

Round 2 – July 16th until July 30th

During this second round, you can vote for one of the (10) themes available. These themes were based off of the top choices from Round 1. Whichever theme wins during this round will be performed as the Uptown Music Collective’s Annual ONE NIGHT ONLY Fundraiser show on January 29th, 2022 at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport.

You are only allowed to vote ONCE. To keep everyone honest, during this round you will be required to enter your email address to submit your vote. PLEASE DO NOT USE EVERY EMAIL ADDRESS YOU HAVE TO VOTE MORE THAN ONCE. Multiple voting for the same idea will skew results and hurt our decision-making process in the long run.


The voting process has ended. We are currently tallying up the votes. Stay tuned to see what theme won the People’s Choice Performance for January 29th, 2022!