Scholarships/Financial Aid

The Uptown Music Collective prides itself on never turning away a deserving student because of their inability to pay.
Each year the Uptown Music Collective raises money through its early Winter Fundraising Concert to support the UMC Scholarship Fund for the coming year.

This fund supports the tuition of students who through the application process have shown a need for support, good student merit, and a drive & passion for music.


Students may apply for Financial Assistance at any time of the year, especially after the deadline has passed for scholarships.

The amount of assistance given will depend on tlhe students need (based on a sliding scale system), the number of approved applications, and funds available.

Financial Assistance, if approved, will be for a single semester, and the student must re-apply each semester to continue assistance.


 The UMC Scholarship Fund

Applications due by May 1, 2018
For the Full Requirements & Details:


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Tradition of Support

In the early days of the school, founder Dave Brumbaugh would teach students who couldn’t afford to pay for free.

They just needed to show the desire to learn the guitar, and the discipline to work hard at it.

In return he expected them to excel at their studies, to clean and take care of the school, help with organizational tasks, and when ready, to teach their peers.

That idea of making high-quality music education available to everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or financial status, is at the core of what we do sixteen years later.

Scholarship students must demonstrate a passion for learning through good attendance, appropriate study habits and grades.

Scholarship students are also expected to give back in return, by taking part in volunteer programs, communicating regularly with the scholarship committee, and serving as a good example for their peers.

This Year's Scholarships

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