Here at the Collective, we’re fortunate to have the capability to record video and audio and edit those recordings in order to showcase our student’s talent. See our major performances in action, get up-to-date with our most recent episode of iOn Uptown, or…

 get lost in the library of some truly great tunes.


We proudly introduce this new UMC video segment called #QuaranTunes! UMC students have been filling their downtime with music and making the best out of this unprecedented time!

We want to share it will all of you in the hopes it will brighten your day!

making the connection

The Uptown Music Collective is proud to announce our new video series, “Making The Connection”. This will be an ongoing series of short videos where you will hear from Collective students, past and present, talking about all aspects of music and how it impacts their lives.

ion Uptown

iOn Uptown is offered through the UMC Program and it is BACK!! Revamped, Rebooted, and Ready to ROCK!! In this episode, the crew gives you the full rundown of the Uptown Music Collective’s 2019-2020 Performance Season! Get tickets and details for the entire season at and stay tuned for more episodes from iOn Uptown! #ConnectWithMusic #iOnUptown #UMCTurns20 

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