KEYBOARDS AND PIANO ARE STILL AT THE CUTTINg EDGE OF MUSIC hundreds of years after the first pipe organs were used in the 3rd century BC.


Today midi keyboards are integral to modern electronic music, the synthesizer, electric piano, and acoustic piano are still found on as many concert stages as other more modern instruments. Piano is still one of the most popular instruments to take lessons on.

At the Uptown Music Collective students learn traditional and modern approaches to music. Students study traditional technique and read and write chord structures, alongside learning to use  modern keyboard instruments, and their complex and seemingly endless array of sounds and textures.

The Uptown Music Collective has a wide range of instruments for students to learn on, including:


  • Korg Kronos Music Workstation
  • Nord Stage 2EX
  • Yamaho Mo 8
  • Yama ha Montage 8
  • Roland RD800 Super Natural Piano
  • Hammond C3 Organ
  • 1970s Vintage Moog Modular Synthesizer

Meet Our Keyboard Teachers: