Making The Connection

 The Uptown Music Collective is proud to announce our new video series, “Making The Connection”. This is an ongoing series of short videos where you hear from Uptown Music Collective students, past and present, talking about all aspects of music and how it impacts their lives.

Check back often for more #MakingTheConnection videos! 


 This video features UMC Graduating Senior, Tate Berkey talking about his experiences learning from UMC Drum Instructor, Bobby Leidhecker.

This video features UMC Alum, Justin Warrender talking about putting your everything into the things you are passionate about. 

This video features UMC Alum, Chloë Taylor talking about breaking out of her shell as a performer.

This video features UMC Alum, Gage Avery talking about the honesty of music and how it drew him to specific genres.