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We’re excited for the opportunity to continue growing and changing as we work to deliver exceptional music education and high-impact musical experiences to our students and community. Our Partnership Program is designed to bring our corporate supporters closer to the UMC family, and to recognize just how impactful and important their generosity is to our program. 

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Exclusive Partner Spotlight

UPMC Life Changing Medicine

UPMC Partnership Spotlight
UPMC Partnership Spotlight

We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with UPMC Life Changing Medicine with which
we share a common denominator: the welfare of the children in the region.

We appreciate your commitment to highlighting the important role that Uptown Music Collective plays in the lives of its students. Thank you, UPMC!


Exclusive Partner

Executive Producer Partners

Hudock Capital Group LLC

Executive Producer Partners

Hudock Capital Group LLC

Producer Partners

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Mostly, thank you.

To all of our Supporters – We couldn’t do it without you.

We’re eternally grateful for every way in which we’re supported. The individuals, businesses, and foundations are all a part of what we do because they give so generously to our cause.

Thanks to all of you, we continue – year after year – to change lives by connecting our students to the life-changing power of music. 

Executive Producer Partner
UPMC North Central Pa and UPMC Health Plan

UPMC has been a long-time supporter of the Uptown Music Collective, and we’re grateful the two entities have come alongside us as an Executive Producer Partner this year.

At UPMC North Central Pa and UPMC Health Plan, they believe in a healthy community, and they see our work at the Collective as an extension of that belief. “Music is healing, therapeutic, and vital,” stated Jackson Gehrispl, a UPMC representative. “We love being part of a great organization that spreads a positive message.”

“The Collective is a great community program that fosters a love of music in youth across our region,” continued Gehrispl. “We love that it provides opportunities for students to participate in public performances and showcases to share their talent with the community.”

UPMC North Central Pa and UPMC Health Plan believe in our community programming and the youth opportunities provided through our efforts, and they also called out the importance of our scholarship program that provides access for all students – regardless of financial standing – to participate in lessons at the Collective. Through their giving each year, the business provides two scholarships to deserving students.

“We’re excited about this partnership and the awareness of our collective efforts to promote the wellness of our area’s youth,” shared Gehrispl. “The Collective is a big part of the arts culture in our community. We’re happy to partner with an organization that  provides access to a variety of audiences to appreciate music and offers affordable programs.” 

Thank you, UPMC North Central Pa and UPMC Health Plan, for being a partner in our work!


Executive Producer Partner
Hudock Capital Group, LLC.

A shout out to our very first UMC Partner – Hudock Capital Group. Their mission is to partner with and empower their clients to realize their dreams, and they believe in dynamic financial strategies, attention to detail, and purpose. Their support of our programs allows US to continue empowering our students to realize THEIR dreams and allows us to continue implementing our dynamic music programs, teaching our kids about attention to detail, discipline, and the pursuit of purpose in every action.

Read their full feature here:

An active participant in philanthropic endeavors, Hudock Capital believes in giving back to the communities they serve. As their commitment to the community extended to our doors, their passion for purpose was made evident.

“We view the Collective as the quintessential School of Rock,” stated Michael Hudock, president, and founding partner at Hudock Capital Group.  “We see firsthand the benefit the Collective serves to the community and to the kids, so supporting their mission was an easy decision.

“We see our own company’s commitment to community parallelled in the Collective’s efforts. They provide value by keeping students engaged in a positive activity, and we recognize the same passion for purpose that we embody here at Hudock.”

Hudock Capital expects big things from the Collective – growth in enrollment, more positive engagement with our community, and collaborative project to bring us closer together. We’re working toward accomplishing those goals and we hope that by doing so, we are able to make a positive and profound difference in the lives of the students we serve.

Hudock Capital Group, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. Certain representatives of Hudock Capital Group, LLC are also Registered Representatives offering securities through APW Capital, Inc., Member FINRA / SIPC. 100 Enterprise Drive, Suite 504, Rockaway, NJ, 07866 (800-637-3211). Check the background of this firm on FINRA’s BrokerCheck. (12/20)

Thank you, Hudock Capital Group, for being a partner in our work!

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Executive Producer Partner
Geisinger – Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

The Geisinger – Janet Weis Children’s Hospital/Department of Pediatrics and Uptown Music Collective share a common denominator: the welfare of the children in the region. And as a neighbor and partner in addressing the pressing needs of young people, Geisinger wanted to highlight the important role that Uptown Music Collective plays in the lives of its students.

“Everything we do is about caring for children and families – their mind, body and spirit,” Dr. Frank A. Maffei said. “We are so proud to sponsor Uptown Music Collective because we share this goal. Together, we will remain committed to support creative activities that nurture healthy relationships and overall well-being.”

Colleague Dr. Paul J. Bellino added: “As a pediatric organization, we are keenly aware of the many challenges that face kids. UMC is a place where all kids can find a home and be accepted. The mentorship and role modeling offering by the staff has created a place where the students learn to help and support each other. This peer support is a wonderful aspect of UMC.”

Dr. Bellino recognizes that UMC isn’t just about helping students develop the musical skills they need to improve as vocalists and instrumentalists, but also important life skills that will help them throughout their lives: developing a manageable schedule; balancing schoolwork, community and school activities with their music; and fostering important values of teamwork, responsibility, professionalism, organization and care for others.

The children’s hospital is firmly committed to the medical, psychological and social support of all the children that call Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania their home. It is their goal to make every child feel safe and welcome, and to nurture meaningful relationships that help them through their lives as they grow into young adults.

“Having supportive role models and friends that share similar interests not only promotes well-being, but also impacts psychological and physical health,” Dr. Bellimo said. “Our pediatric program feels that it is important to highlight organizations such as UMC that provide this valuable opportunity to our local kids.”

And it is the psychological and physical health of students that is an important aspect of the UMC-Geisinger partnership.

“It is increasingly hard to be a kid,” Dr. Bellimo said. “We are constantly seeing increases in pediatric psychological illness and suicide. Many aspects of our current culture make it very difficult for kids to feel good about themselves. This has reached new proportions over the past few years, now culminating in some truly terrifying statistics. At such a challenging time, an organization such as the Uptown Music Collective needs to be spotlighted and held up as an example of what can be done when people truly care about children.”

Thank you, Geisinger – Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, for being a partner in our work!  


Producer Partner

“Helping young people to learn the values of leadership and teamwork” – that’s why Keith Cole, owner, KFC, decided to become a Producer Partner of the Uptown Music Collective. Cole watched his own daughter, Isabella, grow in the Collective, gaining skills and confidence, and said his company’s mission is right in line with that of the nonprofit school of music: To be a deep-rooted part of the community.

Cole has discovered, first-hand, what many in the community don’t realize about the Collective. “Even if your targeted career is not music, there are classes and workshops that can benefit anyone.” And he’s right – the Collective is just as much about discipline, respect, tradition, teamwork, responsibility, communication, and leadership as it is about music.

“Well-rounded, refined, and humble graduates (of the Uptown Music Collective) emerge with a better understanding of what it takes to work as a team to accomplish a greater task and a spectacular show for the community,” Cole said of the critical aspects he expects the Collective to produce.

Isabella, he added, found her own sense of confidence while honing her skills at the Collective. And what’s more, Cole knew she was in a safe environment. “I want this opportunity for every child and parent.”

Although KFC has been a long-time supporter of the Uptown Music Collective, it was in June 2021 that they officially became a Producer Partner. Contributions from the partnerships ensure that the Collective can continue its mission to provide exceptional music education and high-impact musical experiences that instill a love of music and an understanding of the importance of discipline, hard work, and community.

The partnership program is designed to bring corporate supporters closer to the UMC family and to recognize just how impactful and important their generosity is to the Collective’s programming.

Thank you, KFC, for being a partner in our work!

Producer Partner
The Brickyard Restaurant & Ale House/The Stonehouse Wood Fired Pizza & Pasteria/The Crooked Goose

Our partners all have their own personal reasons for offering their corporate support. For some, the decision is based around their own child or grandchild’s positive experience with the UMC and for others, they see how our mission goes beyond music to a place that instills an understanding of the importance of discipline, hard work and community. And for our newest Producer Partner, The Brickyard Restaurant & Ale House/The Stonehouse Wood Fired Pizza & Pasteria/The Crooked Goose, it’s all about a vibrant and thriving city.

“The arts and entertainment are key to building a beautiful downtown,” said Tony Ecker, co-owner. “Beyond the amazing musical education provided by the Collective, it is a keystone to the entertainment district of Williamsport.”

The partnership actually goes way back to when the Collective first moved into downtown Williamsport at its 144 West Third St., location. Ecker said it quickly became clear that the restaurants could work together with the UMC on fostering the young musical talent around the area. The school’s Community Performance Groups have gotten to refine their style, work alongside their peers and gain exposure as high-caliber musicians through live performances around the area, including for the restaurants’ popular live music series.

“It’s an amazing breeding ground for talented young musicians,” Ecker said of the UMC. “The Collective adds a great element to our ongoing entertainment and drive to help build the culture of downtown Williamsport.

And the most critical result the establishments expect the Collective to produce? FUN. We think we’ve got that covered! Thank you, The Brickyard Restaurant & Ale HouseThe Stonehouse Wood Fired Pizza & Pasteria, and The Crooked Goose, for enriching our existing relationship through our Partnership Program.


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Producer Partner
Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships

When asked to describe the Uptown Music Collective to others, Leslie Howard, marketing coordinator at Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships said the answer is simple: 1. The Collective develops the area’s best musicians. 2. Students who attend the Collective receive an amazing musical education. 3. Upon graduating, students leave the Collective playing on a professional level.

It was these factors – along with the recognition that learning to play an instrument teaches the student multiple skills for future success, beyond the ability to play music – that prompted the dealership to come alongside the UMC as a Producer Partner.

Partnerships, such as the one shared between Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships and The Uptown Music Collective, allows the school to meet its mission to provide exceptional music education and high-impact musical experiences that instill a love of music and an understanding of the importance of discipline, hard work and community.

Teamwork and the feeling of accomplishment when one works hard is a clear parallel between the company’s mission and the work of the Collective.  “When students respect each other’s abilities and differences, the outcome is beautiful music, just as when a team of employees work together, the outcome is much greater than if one person completed the task,” Howard said.

But the most critical result that the dealership expects the Collective to produce is to teach students that when they work hard, the results are great. “The Collective is preparing students for not only a career in music but giving them the tools to be successful in any profession they choose.”   

Thank you, Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships, for being a partner in our work!


Producer Partner
The Kiessling Group of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC

“A place that brings people together to learn and celebrate the gift of music” – that’s how Allen Kiessling of The Kiessling Group of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC describes the Uptown Music Collective. And it’s that recognition that prompted Kiessling to make the business an official partner of the UMC. 

“Our team believes in the power that the Collective has in instilling a love for music, but, more importantly, we love the discipline, hard work, responsibility, and sense of community it offers to all involved,” Kiessling said. 

He compares the components and actions of a band to his business.  

“As a band is made up of different musicians and sections and they have to all work together to create a successful song or concert, we have to do the same thing with our clients’ financial lives, pulling together the different aspects of their lives and understanding how they work together to achieve the best outcomes possible.” 

For the community, Kiessling feels the Collective adds a non-traditional cultural element that can be enjoyed by all. And for the students, a sense of purpose and pride is achieved in sharing their love of music and enjoying the fruits of their hard work and dedication. 

Most importantly, though, the business believes in the benefits of commitment, regardless of an individual’s endeavor. 

“For students of the Collective, we believe they are training the muscles necessary to go on to great success in whatever full-time field they choose by their commitment and dedication to the art, as well as the lessons of working as a team to achieve excellent results.” 

And this all matters to Kiessling now more than ever “because music has a really unique ability to bring us together, regardless of our backgrounds and experiences … as our country grows evermore polarized and partisan on just about every issue.” 

Thank you, The Kiessling Group of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, for being a partner in our work! 

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Thank you, Woodlands Bank for your partnership with the Uptown Music Collective! We appreciate your future-focused mission, and your support of the Collective helps us focus on the future of the students we impact every day!

Advocate Partner
Beiter's Furniture, Mattress & Appliance

When Beiter’s Furniture, Mattress & Appliance decided to become a partner of the Uptown Music Collective, it was because one thing stood out to them: “The Collective seems to be very much a community of musicians, just like Beiter’s is very much a family.”

And they couldn’t be more right. At the Uptown Music Collective, students truly are part of a community – a community of peers, a community of mentors and a community of supporters. And we are so grateful to be able to pull Beiter’s in closer to the UMC family, where we value the businesses and individuals that allow us to continue meeting our mission.

Likewise, Beiter’s recognizes the impact the UMC has had on the community and wanted to become a part of it. And in return for their partnership? “Nothing less than some of the best musical talent around.”

We take our relationships seriously and we promise to deliver the results that our partners expect of us and then some — #BeyondMusic.

Thank you, Beiter’s Furniture, Mattress & Appliance, for being a partner in our work, and welcome to the family!

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Ambassador Partner
Lycoming College

Lycoming College believes in thinking deeply and acting boldly. As we pursue our students through music education, we hope to teach them to embrace those same ideals.

We are fortunate to have a partnership with Lycoming, and are humbled for their view of our work. “The Uptown Music Collective is one of Williamsport’s greatest resources for music education and entertainment,” stated Marla Kramer. “The organization draws out the talents and passions of young musicians and encourages musical genres that few organizations foster as well as the Collective.”

Lycoming believes in the mission of the Uptown Music Collective and shares in its commitment to developing musicians and the performing arts. As a dedicated member of the Williamsport community, Lycoming College supports programing that contributes to the musical development of area youth, provides them a creative outlet, and helps them develop leadership skills.

When we partner with area orazniations, we know that there are always parallels in our work. Like the Collective, Lycoming College provides a modern education that is rooted in over 200 years in the arts, humanities and sciences. They strongly believe that experiential learning is a valuable component in any education, and the real-world performance experience provided to students shows our shared commitment to developing the whole person and their creative talents as musicians.

In addition to shared passion, we are always humbled by the value our partners find in our work. “The Collective inspires students to give their best to music making in order to help young people develop into confident individuals who endeavor to share their gifts with the world.” Kramer shared. “And these are the same values that we at Lycoming College also espouse.”

Our work this year is challenged by our partners, and we are committed to delivering on their expectations. For Lycoming, they expect our continued work of helping to prepare students for meaningful lives and equipping them with knowledge and skills that they will benefit from and enjoy for the rest of their lives. 

“The Collective fills a gap in a small city that takes pride in its unique restaurants, galleries, theatre and musical performances, and film offerings,” Kramer concluded. “Arts programs are always the first to suffer during economically difficult times, but it’s important to many individuals and organizations to keep Williamsport “artsy” – we just can’t do that without the Collective. Lycoming College values Williamsport’s reputation as a local hotspot to experience the arts, and the Collective is an indispensable part of that.”

Thank you, Lycoming College, for being a partner in our work!


Ambassador Partner
Pennsylvania College of Technology

Penn College of Technology has supported the Collective in big ways for a long time, and this year we’re excited to recognize them as a Partner in our work.

Their commitment to hands-on learning directly mirrors ours, and their leadership of the Williamsport Arts scene through the Community Arts Center is a cornerstone of our work.

We’re grateful for all the ways Penn College supports our mission to deliver high-impact musical experiences to both our students and our community. We couldn’t do it without you!