Interested in the Uptown Music Collective but not sure what the experience will be like? Enroll for one of our Summer Music Camps and see how we can help you #ConnectWithMusic


2019 UMC Summer Music Camps Schedule

The Uptown Music Collective will be offering two summer music camps to the general public this summer!


Starting on June 11th: The Rock Band Boot Camp will be 9 am – 12 pm on Tuesdays through July 26th with instructor and Executive Director, Dave Brumbaugh.  This camp will be offered to Beginner level students, ages 10 to 14 on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and voice.

Even though this is offered to beginner students, *Students must fill out the Instrument Abilities Check List* There are a few things students must know to be able to Rock out!


 Price for Rock Band Boot Camp will be $150.00


Details about Rock Band Boot Camp:

We all want to rock out! In Rock Band Boot Camp it’s all about Rock. Learn to make music with your friends by playing in a rock band for this 6 week session under the instruction of the Uptown Music Collectives founder and director of the school’s renowned performance program. All you need are a few bar chords, a minor pentatonic scale, a lot of attitude and the energy to play driving eighth note rhythms, sing the choruses to rock classics, or hitting the drums and head banging. If all you want to do is rock, this is where you want to be! This camp will wrap up with a performance at the Collective’s Summer Music Festival in Brandon Park on July 28th.


Starting the Week of July 15th: The Exploring Music Camp will be 9 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday with instructor and Executive Director, Dave Brumbaugh.  This camp will be offered to Beginner level students, ages 6 to 10 on guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, and voice.


 Price for Exploring Music Camp will be $250.00


 Details about Exploring Music Camp:

In this exciting Summer Music Camp, Uptown Music Collective founder Dave Brumbaugh, with help from other UMC teachers, will instruct students on the basics of the five rock instruments; Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards and Vocals. Through this interactive experience students will develop a better idea about the way each instrument works and hopefully give them the knowledge to make an informed choice.

Fill out the Summer Music Camps Sign Up form below:

Once you fill out the form, Admissions Director, Brendan Mondell will contact you!