The Case For Support

There are many ways to support the Uptown Music Collective. We seek donations through two campaigns a year. We seek sponsors to underwrite the cost of our performance events, and we seek volunteers to help implement our programs and to assist our staff in day to day operations.


We are non-profit

The Uptown Music Collective is a 501 (c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization and most donations to the Uptown Music Collective are tax deductible.

We rely on fundraising income from individual donations, corporate grants & donations, foundation grants, as well as performance and event sponsorship to support our free high impact programs and performance events.

We have a long life span
We have been serving North Central Pennsylvania since 2000, and are committed to continuing to grow and evolve far into the future.
We reach out

The Uptown Music Collective currently delivers private lessons, classes and workshops to over 170 students every week. Those students come from 30 different schools in nine counties.

We are passionate

We are passionate about our students, about delivering our mission, and especially about changing young lives with the life altering power of music.

We are unique

There are many small schools of music throughout the United States that deliver great music programs. However, the Uptown Music Collective performance based approach, advanced curriculum, exciting collaborations, and dedication to teaching all genres, has been acknowledged as being unique and powerful by artists and educators.

We make a difference

All of the over one thousand four hundred students who have been a part of our organization in the last 15 years have stories to tell. Many of their stories detail their personal transformation, growth, struggles, success, musical adventures, friendships, hard work and a lasting difference in their lives for having been a part of the Uptown Music Collective’s programs.

We continue to grow and change

We never stop trying to improve. Our plans for the Trade and Transit II facility include three new programs that will include segments of our society, not currently served by our programs. Our plans also include ideas that will make our current programs more affordable for our students, while continuing to improve their delivery and overall quality.