Making The Connection

 The Uptown Music Collective is proud to announce our new video series, “Making The Connection”. This is an ongoing series of short videos where you hear from Uptown Music Collective students, past and present, talking about all aspects of music and how it impacts their lives.

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 This video features UMC Graduating Senior, Tate Berkey talking about his experiences learning from UMC Drum Instructor, Bobby Leidhecker.

This video features UMC Alum, Justin Warrender talking about putting your everything into the things you are passionate about. 

This video features UMC Alum, Chloë Taylor talking about breaking out of her shell as a performer.

This video features UMC Alum, Gage Avery talking about the honesty of music and how it drew him to specific genres. 

Student testimonials

“When I started at the Collective, I was extremely shy and did not have a good work ethic, but as I began to become more involved in classes, workshops and different performance opportunities like backing bands, CPG and now SPG, it exposed me to others. While being around the other students they helped me grow as a person and a performer with becoming more confident in myself and learn the importance of hard work and help me obtain a better and more efficient work ethic.”




Stephanie Nappi

Freshman / Williamsport Area High School

“In the collective, I’ve learned how to be proactive and have a strong work ethic. I’ve also learned how to be a leader and be a good role model for younger students. I have gotten better at knowing what is expected and doing what I’m supposed to which helps me to be responsible and plan ahead. And I’ve grown tremendously as a musician






Isabella Cole

Junior / Loyalsock Township High School

“The collective has strengthened my work ethic and attention to detail. I [want] to live up to and grow beyond what my expectations from others are, which I owe to my peers and teachers’ belief in my own potential……The teachers at the collective are what makes the collective what it is today. They encourage you and they aren’t afraid to hold you accountable so that you can live up to what you are capable of and grow beyond your own self imposed boundaries…My love for music has grown beyond enjoying my favorite musicians play. Now, through performance, I can express that love for music in a personal way. I have grown a great amount of confidence to play in front of others.”


Jossian Lilley

8th Grade / Loyalsock Township High School

“I was shy & worried when I first came to the collective. But after I got to know everyone and played at a few showcases that all went away. I think the showcases are the best way to ease into performing for a crowd because you’re doing it with your friends & the crowd is everyone’s parents. I realized that I wasn’t the only one that was fearful.”

Matt Bellino

6th Grade / St. Joseph School (Danville)

“I feel I have grown a lot in self-confidence at the collective, I am really not afraid to show my true self anymore. The encouragement and professionalism in the collective have taught me what will be expected of me in the real world. I have gotten over a lot of doubt in my abilities…and I really think performing on stage is what has helped me with this.”

Gavin Paulhamus

Junior / Hughesville High School

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