“Music has shown me what kind of hard work has been put into the world creating something beautiful. It has shown me how many good people there are in this world and that they are worth taking risks for.  The Collective has given me a place where I would rather be than my own home!!”
Gabreon Godin

“Music is the voice that expresses my thoughts and feelings that I can’t do myself alone. The collective has shown me how to make this voice of sound stronger, moreexpressive, and helped to understand the music education behind it. Without the experience and opportunity the collective has given me, I  would no doubt be somebody else living in the shoes of “David” but never feeling as complete or satisfied with who I am. ”
David Chubirka

“Music is my only way out of the darkness, music is the air that I breathe – I can’t live without it, and music is the fire to my darkest of moments. It’s something that will forever be more powerful than drugs or alcohol or anything people use to get away from their troubles and thanks to the Collective, it keeps me busy and away from bad decisions. I don’t know where my life would be if I hadn’t joined the Collective or even gave music a chance…That’s something I’m very grateful for”
Sam Peters