There’s a lot more to music than just the physical ability to perform on an instrument. There is a science to how notes relate to one another, how they are stacked and move to one another in harmony, and how time is divided to create the movement that we call rhythm.

There is a written and spoken language. Once that is understood, it makes talking about, learning, and communicating music and its concept to others so much easier.


Class Facts

Classes run on a 15 week semester schedule, beginning in September, January and May.

All classes are graded.

They are intended to be taken as a series with each class leading to the next.

There is a placement exam to see where you should begin in that series.

Our classes are based on a modern curriculum that starts at the most basic level and progresses to college level material.

All concepts taught are applied and discussed in your private lessons, workshops, and performance groups.

Click here for the classes that are being offered for the 2020 Winter/Spring Semester starting on January 13th, 2020. *Classes change every semester.