Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Read about who we are and what we believe in!

Our Mission

Providing exceptional music education and high-impact musical experiences that instill a love of music and an understanding of the importance of discipline, hard work and community.

Our Vision

Connecting People through Music

Our Values

Student-focused: Instilling a love of music in young minds and hearts is our passion. Doing it in a way that inspires creativity and dedication is our promise. We guide. We teach. They inspire.

Safe and family-friendly: When you’re here, you’re part of a family and this family rocks. We are committed to every student enjoying a safe environment, every parent feeling welcome, and every volunteer a part of our success.

Service-oriented: Our community is our customer and your investment comes from our commitment to provide excellent service and a harmonious experience.

Dedicated to diversity: Our organization’s success is built on embracing the individual, creating an environment where perspectives matter, and expecting that we will lift each other up. We clap the loudest for each other.

Forward-thinking: Engaging in new technologies and genres encourages our administration, staff and our students to develop new interests. To improvise. To create fearlessly.

Committed to growth: Our goal is to invest in innovation and continually improve ourselves and the organization through open and honest communication.

Acting with integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to follow through on our promises, treat our community with respect and help our students make responsible decisions, while learning from their mistakes.

Dedicated to outreach: Music is fun, and we want everyone to experience it. Our students step outside themselves and perform, learn to teach others, and give back to their community through their gift of time and talent. You’re with the band.

Providing leadership: We are making things happen every day through intense collaboration, honest discourse, and dedication to action. We strive to set an example our students will learn from. And lead from.

Devoted to excellence: No matter the age, we encourage our staff, administration and especially our students to be their best. To reach for the stars. And with this comes the self-confidence to grow in their craft. And life.

Our Super Secret Goal

While one of the stated goals of the Uptown Music Collective is to create well-rounded musicians, our super-secret goal is really to help develop well-rounded, respectful and creative human beings who understand the importance of leadership and responsibility.