The UMC Program

Enter the Uptown Music Collective and its UMC Program.

We Modeled the Berklee Experience and created our own system of lessons, classes, and workshops. This provides our students with all of the nuts and bolts required to bring out your inner musical genius.

The Goal?

To Create A Well Rounded Musician.

This is accomplished through our system of education – Lessons, Classes, Workshops, and Performances . . . aka


– The UMC Program 

The UMC Experience

Fully Enrolling in the UMC Program allows access to private lessons,1 class, and 2 workshops a semester!!


Courses are divided into four levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, & Apprentice.


  • In UMC Private Lessons, learning to play by ear is emphasized and self-study is expected.
  • Daily practice is demanded, which builds strong technical skills and leads to the development of a good tone.
  • UMC Students have regular opportunities to play music with peers at every playing level.
  • The UMC offers performance opportunities every semester for every student.
  • The UMC offers technical training to students of all levels thru Tech Monkey workshops.
  • The UMC offers entry level to college level music theory classes for all students that teach the language of music.
  • UMC Teachers, Staff, and Alumni serve as role models for students.
Provide you with the physical skills and essential concepts of music and your instrument.

From beginner to Advanced, and any age group, we offer lessons to anyone and everyone.


and more…

Help you to learn the ins and outs of music as a whole.

This is an essential part of becoming a great musician.

A few of the Classes we offer are:

  • Music Theory (Basic to Level 4)
  • Music Business
  • Electronic Music
  • Song Writing

(Classes change every semester)


Teach you how to play together with your friends and how to take your instrumental skills and your knowledge, and apply it to the real act of playing music with others, possibly one of the most important ingredients!

A few of the Workshops we offer are:

  • SongWriting
  • Tech Monkey
  • Blues Skills Workshop
  • Rock Workshop

(Workshops change every semester)


Encourage you to take the skills you’ve learned through these combined educational experiences, and display them on stage alongside your new found musical friends in our Student Showcases and beyond!



Private Lessons

Individual lessons offered on Guitar, Voice, Keyboard, Bass, and Drums.

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Teach you how to play with others!


Are an essential to becoming a great musician!

“When I attended Berklee College of Music I found myself immersed in an interlocking system of lessons, workshops and classes. What I learned in one area immediatedly applied to another. Through this sytem my abilities in all the areas of music imporoved by leaps and bounds. When I started teaching privately I was immediately frustrated that I couldn’t share enough knowledge in a half an hour or even an hour lesson to give my students what they needed to learn rapidly.”
Dave Brumbaugh

UMC Founder