When you support the Collective, you’re supporting so much more than music.


You’re helping to build character, instill discipline, create community, and foster growth. You’re contributing to the development of the whole musician, and helping us reach our super-secret goal: to help develop well-rounded, respectful, and creative human beings who understand the importance of leadership and responsibility. 

Why Support Uptown?

Because we need you. Plain and simple.

Another Way to Donate?

Through the Cade Logue Fund at the FCFP.

This is a donor-advised fund at the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania of which we are the beneficiary. If you would like to donate to the Cade Logue Fund, please contact the FCFP at 570-321-1500.


 2023 FCFP Grant Grab photo for the Cade Logue distribution. Pictured; Betty Gilmour, FCFP Director of Grantmaking, Dave Brumbaugh, Executive Director of the Uptown Music Collective, and Jennifer Wilson, FCFP President & CEO.


We rely on fundraising income from individual donations, corporate grants & donations, foundation grants, as well as performance and event sponsorship to support our high-impact programs and performances. As a long-standing organization, we’re committed to continued growth and evolution, but we can only do that with the support from our community and friends.

So, we take the ethical stewardship of our funding very, very seriously, and apply it so that it makes an impact in the most important ways:

• We deliver private lessons, classes and workshops to over 170 students from 30 different schools in nine counties every week. 

• We offer a performance-based approach to teaching, an advanced curriculum, exciting collaborations, and dedication to teaching all genres, making us a unique educational force.

• We never stop trying to improve.

• We have made a difference in the lives of over 1,400 students over the course of 20 years. They’ve found personal transformation, growth, struggles, success, musical adventures, friendships, hard work and a lasting difference in their lives for having been a part of what we do.

• We’re passionate about the delivery of our mission – especially about changing lives through the power of music.

We promise transparency. We’re always more than happy to report on how we use our fundraised and sponsorship dollars and invite our donors and supporters to review our past financial records.

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Mostly, thank you.

To all of our Supporters – We couldn’t do it without you.

We are eternally grateful for every way in which we’re supported; to the individuals, businesses, and foundations are all a part of what we do because they give so generously to our cause. 


Thanks to all of you, we continue – year after year – to change lives by connecting our students to the life-changing power of music.


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