You’re never too old to rock…

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to play, need to break bad habits, or just want to pick back up on a passion that fills you, our Adult Music Program serves learners ages 21 and older who desire to make music. From absolute beginner to seasoned master, our program is designed to help you continually improve.

Through our curriculum of lessons, classes, and workshops – the same system we use for our UMC program – you’ll learn more about the music you love, collaborate with fellow artists as you jam together, and become a better, more well-rounded musician. 

Enrollment is simple – scroll down, complete the form, and we’ll see you in class!

Private lessons

We offer individual lessons on guitar, voice, drums, keyboard, and bass.

Private lessons provide the first step in shaping you into an exceptional musician.

One-on-one private lessons provide you with the technical skills and essential concepts that are the foundation of great musical practice and performance. 

You will be taught proper technique, posture, tone production, rhythmic theory, musical materials (such as scales, chords, and arpeggios), general music theory, and how to read music notation.

Everything learned in your lessons can be applied directly to the music that you love.


& Classes

Workshops & Classes change every semester.


Classes are designed to teach you about the theoretical foundations of music that are essential to great musicianship. Learn in a group setting and thrive off the energy of like-minded learners. 

Classes change each 15-week semester, providing variety and the opportunity to keep growing your knowledge year after year.


Arguably the most fun, workshops offer collaborative sessions where our adult learners how to jam together. We’ll take your instrumental skills and theoretical knowledge and apply it to playing music with others. This is the final ingredient of becoming a truly well-rounded musician!  

Like our classes, workshop opportunities change each 15-week semester.

Current Adult Workshop Offerings:

• AMP Rock Workshop – Mondays at 7-8 pm