At the Collective, we’ve developed a program that has become a key factor in our success and the success of our students – the TechMonkey Program.

Armed with gaff tape and clad in black, this dynamic and well-disciplined group of students go behind the scenes to learn the art of live performance production and the execution of technical skills.

  We take you from an absolute beginner and form you into a stage-ready technician.

The program serves students who are most interested in the technical aspects of performance and production, enabling them to work with light and sound engineering, stage preparation and tear-down, and equipment maintenance and repair.

It’s also a prerequisite for SPG1, ensuring you have an expert handle on the function and application of your instrument’s controls and accessories before you take the big stage. Before you get out and rock, we want you to know exactly what is happening to make you sound and look so good on stage. It’s an important part of our curriculum and of your growth and expertise as a performer.

In addition to the teching of our major performances, our Tech Monkeys also handle the production and teching of Music Showcases, the West Branch Festival, Williamsport Welcomes the World, and Blues-a-Thon.

They work year-round to deliver the dynamic musical experiences the Uptown Music Collective is known for.

Looking to the Future…

One of the coolest parts about the TechMonkey program? The specialized education helps students build skills they can’t find anywhere else. And sometimes, it sparks an interest that leads them to their future careers.

Alumnus Nate Schreffler (2018) is studying the craft of guitar building at the Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair In Michigan.

Alumna Julia Sauers (2019) took what she learned at Uptown to Nashville where she’s studying live sound at Blackbird Academy.

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