It’s an evolutionary process that starts with a desire to learn. 

Playing to thousands doesn’t happen overnight, but from semester 1, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talents through performance. You’ll refine your skills through practice, collaborate and jam with fellow students, and learn how to really take the stage. 

It’s the truest test of your progress – to be able to stand up and deliver music in an all-together exhilarating and gone-too-soon moment. 

This is the learning you’ll remember.

From beginners to more advanced students, we have performance opportunities for all levels.

Student Showcases

For beginning and intermediate students, showcases at the end of each semester provide the opportunity to show off what you’ve learned. Choose a song to flaunt your talent, or play in a backing band behind your fellow students. It’s an opportunity designed to celebrate your constant progress to your teachers, family, friends, fellow students, and the community.


Community performance groups

Once you’ve developed some chops, you’ll be welcomed to audition for our Community Performance Groups – our professional small groups who play at events and venues all year round. With a repertoire of 15+ songs, you’ll perform with your group for a minimum of one year, connecting communities all across northeastern PA with music. 

Click Here to learn more about this year’s CPG’s and find out how to get involved!

major performance program-spg1

The epitome of the UMC program, SPG1 is composed of 30-35 students, identified by a competitive audition process that evaluates their musicality, showmanship, and technical skill as well as their completion of prerequisite education from the UMC Program. In large-scale professional performances, the group delivers dynamic, show stopping performances to thousands – truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Click Here to learn more about SPG1, including how to see our shows and how to ensure you make it to the stage someday.