This is our vision to come alive – delivering high-impact experiences that connect our community to music.

 Covering a wide range of themes and genres, shows each year are decided upon by SPG1 leadership, UMC administrative staff, and community input. We work to design performances that span a range of styles, allowing our students to immerse themselves in musical experiences that keeps them learning, even when they’re on the big stage. 

The results have helped the Uptown Music Collective build a reputation of exceptional caliber. One that we’re proud of and owe to the work of the motivated students who give themselves to their music.

Come see us rock

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For students, this is where it gets real.

SPG1 works hard. They put in long hours – not just at the Collective, but at home too. They live and breathe music.

And the result is show-stopping.

Putting on four major performances throughout the year, SPG1 is the reward for excellence and hard work. The most skilled and driven musicians are given the opportunity to work together as they direct and produce these high-impact musical experiences for our community.

It’s challenging and high-stress. Success depends upon student leadership and their ability to create, plan, organize, learn, rehearse, and carry out professional-level performance. 

It’s also the reward for their hard work, and together, they become family. Beyond the hard parts, they come together to shine.

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so how do you get in?

SPG1 is a highly select group of the most skilled and motivated students in the Collective. Members are chosen each year through a competitive audition process held in late August or early September.

The group is composed of the 13 vocalists, 9 guitarists, 4 bassists, and 4 drummers who score the highest on a complex evaluation matrix covering tone, expression, technical ability, musicality, and more. With your private lesson instructor, you will choose an audition piece to showcase the best of your abilities. The audition panel will listen to your piece, ask you to perform a few things spontaneously, and then ask you a few questions. 

In order to qualify to audition, students must meet the following requirements:

• Be intermediate or above.

• Have the recommendation of their private lesson teacher.

• Have performed in at least three Student Showcases.

• Have taken part in the Student Showcase Backup Bands.

• Have Participated in the Tech Monkey Program for at least one year.

Want to know more?

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What if you don’t make it?

Rejection is a hard truth of the music industry, and this is a highly competitive program. Not everyone makes the cut.

If you don’t, it’s an important life moment – one that we include in our pursuit of developing the whole musician. You have the ability to choose how you respond.

So look forward! Take advantage of other performance opportunities through the Community Performance Program and Student Showcases, participate backstage with the TechMonkey crew, and continue to work hard over the next year to further develop your skills.

The harder you work, the bigger the reward.

Our competitive audition audition criteria evaluates the whole musician. You will be scored on your capabilities in these areas:

*Tone – The natural sound quality of the student’s instrument or voice

Form – Knowledge of the length and order of the various sections of the piece

Groove – The ability to place apart rhythmically in sync with the other parts being played

Time – The ability to hold a given tempo steady through the performance of a piece

Articulation – The ability to produce and manipulate the timbre, dynamics, and envelope of a sound.

*Intonation – Pitch accuracy during the performance of the pieces melodies and harmony

Part Knowledge – The ability to accurately perform the songs melody, harmony, and rhythms

*Musicality – The ability to manipulate the elements of music (melody, harmony, and rhythm, along with articulation and dynamics) in a way that conveys the beauty and emotional content of a piece of music.

Performance – The ability to combine all of the elements together into a compelling and cohesive presentation of the piece.

Presence – The performer’s physical and emotional presence in the performance of the piece


**Audition Ratings

* The student is rated from 1 to 10 in each of the 10 areas.

*100 = perfect score (no one gets a perfect score…)

*1 is no ability.

* 5 is the average ability.

* 10 is as good as it gets.

* Any score below a 53 will not be considered.

* Areas where a 6 or above is required to participate in the program.

**Extra points are awarded for previous participation in SPG1, and for being a senior in SPG1.