Winter Enrollment

Open House: December 7th 11am - 2pm

Enrollment Week: December 16th – 21st

Inquiring Adults, come on over to the Collective’s Open House and check out our AMP Program (designed just for adults).

Enrollment for our Discovering Music Program will begin in January 2020. Classes will begin in February!


Open House: December 7th, 11 am – 2 pm

(144 West Third St. Suite 201, Williamsport)

ENROLLMENT WEEK: December 16th – 21st

Winter/Spring Semester Begins:

 January 13th, 2020

Enrollment for the upcoming winter/spring semester begins on December 16th. Enrollment is open for private lessons on guitar, bass, drums, piano, and vocals, as well as our renowned classes, & workshops which are offered FREE to all enrolled students!

Come and check out the Collective during our open house on Saturday, December 7th from 11- 2 pm at our facilities at 144 West Third St. Suite 201 in Downtown Williamsport. Prospective students and parents will be able to tour the school, meet with teachers and staff, and enroll for the fall semester. Workshops will be going on so you can check out what takes place at the school on a daily basis.

For more information call Brendan at 570-329-0888 or email – [email protected]

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Scholarship & Financial Aid Opportunities are available!

enroll now!!!

Connect with music at the Uptown Music Collective,

no experience necessary!