STOMP: the Student Teacher Outreach & Mentorship Program


STOMP is a free educational program that features beginner-level education, peer-to-peer tutoring, and the same encouragement and confidence-building the Collective is known for.

We harness the talents of our most dedicated and experienced UMC students and connect them with deserving young people in the area who are eager to learn about music. These volunteer student-teachers are specially trained to provide a high-quality, half-hour lesson on their instrument of specialty.

In addition to their one-on-one instruction, STOMP students are enveloped into the mentorship and encouraging atmosphere of the Collective. They’ll be exposed to a huge community of musicians that are committed to developing well-rounded musicians, focusing as much on personal development as musicianship and performance.

At the end of each semester, STOMP participants will be evaluated for progress by their teacher and members of the UMC administrative staff. 

STOMP is open to students age 5 – 10 years of age wishing to study voice, guitar, keyboard, or drums. If needed, loan instruments are provided.

Lesson times and availability are subject to student teacher availability. In order to be eligible for our free programs, families must demonstrate financial need through the application process. Please contact program coordinator Bre Eisenhardt for more information. [email protected]


Featured Stomp video

We Are All The Same

A STOMP Original


UMC Student Teachers Isabella Cole and Cecilia Lutz taught vocal and keyboard lessons through our STOMP Program to students involved in Firetree Place’s After School Program. During their lessons, the students wrote an original song entitled “We Are All The Same.” With the assistance of UMC students Cade Palmatier and Mackenzie Powell, our STOMP students recorded their original piece in our recording studio! 

The song is about self-acceptance and being beautiful, just the way you are. 

We notice that the positive impact of the STOMP program goes both ways. Our student teachers find a higher purpose, sense of accomplishment, and pride in their student’s achievements, and our STOMP students receive mentorship, encouragement, and a deep sense of community. It’s truly awesome evidence of the power and impact of connecting through music. #UMCSTOMP

If the student fits the following criteria, please fill out the form below:

• Student Participants must be between the ages of 5 – 10 years old

• Show Financial Need. (Once the Application below is filled out, Program Assistant, Bre Eisenhardt will be contacting you and asking for Financial Documents.

Due to Covid-19, enrollment for STOMP Lessons is currently Closed. 

If you have any questions contact program assistant, Breanne Eisenhardt via email at [email protected]