During the 30-hour event we raised $39,485 from 109 generous donors!! 

*Raise The Region 2019*

***THANK YOU!!*** When #RaiseTheRegion was all said and done, the Uptown Music Collective was the 4th highest grossing organization out of the 273 nonprofits participating!! During the 30-hour event we raised $39,485 from 109 generous donors!! The UMC also won multiple prizes during RTR including last night’s Toyota White Flag Prize for bringing in the most donations between 8pm and 10pm, as well as the Subaru Drive at 5 prize, a Minute Match prize, and Larson Design Group’s Gold Prize for best RTR Profile!

All told with donations and prizes, the Collective raised $42,085 in 30 hours!!
Needless to say we are incredibly humbled by this outpouring of community support! To all of those that donated and helped up spread the word, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 

We are incredibly grateful for your support and belief in the Uptown Music Collective’s mission! Special thanks to the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania, the Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships, and all of the other RTR sponsors who make this event so meaningful to so many area nonprofits year after year!

 #ConnectWithMusic #UMCRTR19 #RaiseTheRegion