Raise-The-Region-2022 Cover Photo

raise the region

with the uptown music collective!

March 9th & 10th
This year’s Raise the Region goal – $30,000!

PRIZE INFO : This year the Uptown Music Collective will be going after the “Subaru White Flag Prize” which awards an additional $1,000 to the nonprofit that raised the most money between the hours of 8pm and 10pm on Thurs, March 10th. We graciously accept any and all donations during the entire 30-hour event, but if you want to help make the biggest impact, please consider submitting your donation during the 8pm-10pm time window on Thurs, March 10th!

Hear from the students themselves talking about the UMC Effect

Raise the Region 2022 with the Uptown Music Collective on March 9th & 10th

The Uptown Music Collective’s mission is to provide exceptional music education and high-impact musical experiences that instill a love of music, and an understanding of the importance of discipline, hard work, and community.


For over 21 years, the Collective has delivered on that mission. Its programs are grounded in traditional principles and engage students through an emphasis on modern genres including rock, pop, soul, blues, country, R&B, and funk.

But the Collective is far more than music. As its programs spark and nurture not only artistic ability and music appreciation but also deep personal growth in its students. They learn the value of tradition, teamwork, responsibility, communication, and leadership.

The UMC Effect is truly life-changing – a humbling result that we hear of time and time again in the words of the students who learn here.

Your support during Raise the Region makes a difference in the lives of the over 160 young people learning and growing at the Collective each week. Your gifts support the school’s programs, including the UMC Free Class and Workshop Initiative, Tech Monkey Program, and iOn Uptown, as well as the school’s renowned Major Performance Program, Community Performance Program, and more.


In turn, those programs allow the Collective’s staff and teachers to continue impacting the lives of the students who dedicate themselves to music.