Special Performance Group 2 is a select student group that functions as the training and proving ground for students who have worked hard enough and demonstrated enough skill to be considered ready to take part in the schools top group, Special Performance Group 1.

The Special Performance Groups 2 organizes and presents the Uptown Music Collective’s Fundraising Performance that takes place each year at the Community Arts Center. These performances raise money for on local, national or international charitie each year. The group also learns a Christmas Show, and performs at local schools and at other events during the season.

In the spring the group learns a show similar to the theme of the schools big Spring Show and presents that throughout the area into the summer.

To be a member of Special Performance Group 1 you audition in the late August or early September. The auditions are similar to the auditions for the Community Performance Program. You pick an audition piece that best showcases your abilities, you may perform solo, have an accompanist or a track. The audition panel will listen to your piece and ask a few questions and that’s it.

A big difference is when you are done with this audtion you will be given a ranking, that ranking is your placement on your instrument in the program. Just like in a Symphony Orchestra, each player is ranked on their instrument and the top perforer is named the first chair vocalist, etc.

They only take the top few students on each instrument, including – 13 vocalists, 9 guitarists, 4, keyboardists, 4 bassists, and 4 drummers.

Many of those who don’t make it into the first group are put into Special Performnce Group 2. Special Performance Group 2 is a trainng/proving ground for Group 1. Sometimes students spend a few years learning the skills and disciplin necessary move up to the top group.

For example the top 13 vocalists auditioning take the 13 spots in Special Performance Group 1, the vocalists ranked in the next 9 join Special Performance Group 2. Those ranked lower will need to wait until next year to try again.

Special Performance Group 2 is made up of 9 vocalists, 7 Guitarists, 3 Bassists, 3 Keyboardists and 3 Drummers/Percussionists. The students that are asked to join the group stay with it for the duration of the Uptown Music Collective Performance Season, which runs from September through August.

This group is the final training and proving ground for the Major Performance Program. The Uptown Music Collective’s premier group is called the Special Performance Group 1

They plan the schools fundraising performance that occurs each year at the Community Arts Center and do a number of other smaller performances.

Students in this group audition in the Fall for the Special Performance Groups. The primary

Those students who don’t make that group are put into the Special Performance Group 2, which is also selective, only

So how does this effect you?

Well if your goal is to be part of the elite group, and your private teacher recommends that you audition, then you prepare one kick butt piece, just like you did for the Community Performance Program and go in the room when you are called and really sell it.

You audition for the Special Performance Groups in the Fall. The audition works the same way as the Community Performance Program audition.